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Does Windows Phone run better than Android? Why?

It’s an endless debate. And I’ll say this beforehand. I’m a Windows Phone user, so it is very much possible that I might be biased toward Microsoft’s OS. Windows Phone comes as perfectly optimized, for the hardware it ships along with. Just like the iPhone.

1.Design For Everyone

The biggest ammo to join the arsenal of Windows phones has to be Nokia’s partnership. With phones ranging from $180 to $425, sporting screen sizes from 4″ to 6″, Nokia has plenty of choices not just for the budget-conscious but also those are looking for a powerful, sleek phone.Windows Phone

I wouldn’t say Windows Phone is better, but it is simpler and provides you with just what you need. If you want an environment where you can play around and tweak everything till it slows the phone down, you’re an Android customer.

  1. Gorgeous Apps

Although the Windows App Store lags behind the Play Store in terms of quantity, what counts with apps is the quality and so far Windows phones have the basic necessities covered. Microsoft’s app marketplace has much stricter criteria for apps and games that want to be part of the system.

Moreover, Windows Phone isn’t an open source platform. As a result, users have all their needs covered by amazing apps that are consistently well-designed and minimalistic.

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  1. Seamless Email And Social Media Integration

Windows Phone with its mission to build an end-to-end product experience for its customers, has a soild built-in social media integrated hub that they use; it’s very smooth and fluid.Windows Phone

It’s worth mentioning here the amazing Facebook integration with Windows Phone in tagging pictures. Users can easily tag pictures using the contacts stored in their phone.

  1. Lockscreen customization

Windows Phone allows users to check all notifications from the lockscreen, but also offers full customization. Not only you can change Background pictures in Lock screen settings, but Windows Phones also allow the integration of live apps on the lockscreen. Some of the better app integrations are Bing and Facebook.

Users can choose their own pictures to create a selection to be displayed on their lockscreen. Finally they can also configure the lockscreen to display artist information when they’re playing music.

  1. Offline Maps Integration

Windows Phone have HERE Maps and HERE Drive integrated to its Lumia range, basically Nokia’s alternative to Android’s Google Maps. It comes with full offline capabilities.


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