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Will smartphones fix problem in 2018?

Will smartphones fix problem in 2018? Mobile companies offered many smartphones in 2017 with new features. Technology always comes with features and bugs as well, same with mobile companies, they all trying to be at first in the market, “But” in 2017 where we got many smartphones we also got to know new bugs. Most common bug with screen issue automatically works multiple touches and so on.

Will smartphones fix problem in 2018

Now, user wants to know. Will smartphones fix problem in 2018. Let’s have a look at problem. Motorola, upgrade with 7.0 but this upgrade has many issues, it also affect Motorola sales in India.

But there are lots of expectations from the world’s most popular consumer technology product. We begin this episode by talking about the bezel-free design trend that picked up pace in 2017, we also talk about the various compromises that phone makers have had to make to accommodate this design choice. We talk about upcoming biometric technologies that could gain mass adoption in 2018 as well. Then we mention artificial intelligence and how that could change smartphones this year.

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Next we discuss some of our biggest pain points with smartphones, starting with battery life. Here we talk about how this could improve in 2018 and what phone makers can do to improve this. Android updates inevitably enter the discussion and we talk about 2018 being the big year for Oreo and what Google is doing to improve this adoption rate. We also mention the flagship chipset race across smartphone platforms and how that could shape up in 2018.

Finally we talk about digital payments in India and how that could gain rapid adoption in 2018. Which is a better way to make payments online anytime anywhere the digital transfers increase 3 time in India in 2017, a big step was taken by PM Modi.

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