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Why People interested in YouTube Money

We all like attention and feam in our life but only few people get it. Before few years back there is only selected field where you can get it all but the time has been changed now. Besides Bollywood, TV Shows and reality show these are some which people can show their talent and earn money as blog

Yes, I am talking about Youtubers those are an idol for others. we have some examples also like BB ki vines LOL everybody know him, and his life turned when his one video goes viral in Pakistan, surprised BB got huge support and love from Pakistan. That moment prove fan love don’t care about any boundaries and your religion.

Second my feavrate Amit Bhadhana, where other other vires having some double meaning and abuse thing, Amit bhadha come with new face of vines; he started with every common way which audience like most. Now amit bhadha have more than 5 million subscribe over YouTube also a huge fan following and I am one of them, Love you bro.

Time goes one, audience divide into many groups according to their choice and which thing makes them happier. Like Vines, short film which means a lot, boasted Video by CarryMinati, and Gareeb and any more are in the queue those prove their self with every video.

Now most interesting part which you all want to know. How much they earn from Youtube.

So Basically Youtube pay on views and how many times ads shown on you video. Youtube has some advantage and disadvantage also Like if your video time is more than 10 minutes you can place ads by yourself, if less than 10 minutes then only one ads will be show over there you can’t  customize. Also if you are thinking to start your Youtube Channel and monetize you videos so wait for 10,000 views on your channel. Yes YouTube doesn’t allow monetizing until you have 10,000 views on your channel.

Hope you like this blog, Understood I have make many mistakes but promise will come with new and interesting topic for sure.

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