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Timex Blink band review: A sleek and Fancy fitness band

Timex Blink Review

According to environment all around people have started looking at tech to help them lead a healthy lifestyle. Now days we all know about pollution all around so People have started buy air purifiers to get some relief from the polluted air to wearing fitness trackers to keep their health in check regularly, people are looking for help wherever they can find.

If we are comparing companies and their gadget, so we got a name in our mind. Yes Timex, an old name when it comes to wristwatches, is now looking to carve a place for itself in the fitness wearable space. With good fitness bands already available in the market, does the brand new Timex Blink stand a chance? We put it to the test.

Timex Blink
Timex Blink

Timex Blink design

Timex has come with very simple design consisting of two elements:- First one curved stainless steel core of timex, and second one is user-replaceable strap. Timex provides 2 straps in the boxing – you have a metal strap that is attached to the device and a silicon band included alongside. The stainless steel gives a good look during workout which makes this different from others.

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Once secured properly both the straps hold well and we didn’t found any issues with the core falling down. However, we did notice that the pins are not secured in the metal strap and fall out easily.

Timex Blink performance

Timex Blink automatically detects whenever user raise your wrist and lights up the display to show the time – or is supposed to. We found the lift to wake function to be highly erratic and had to tap the button to wake the device up. At the back, you do get a Micro-USB port covered under a thick rubber flap for water resistance. Apart from time, the first screen on the Timex Blink gives you information about the date and the battery status, available for both iOS and Android.

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