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The importance of digitalization

Whether you are in Information technology or not, I am confident that most of you have heard the term importance of digitalization. Incorporation of technology raises concerns of supply chain management, cyber security, and logistics. In addition, upcoming trends of cloud computing, big data, social media etc.importance of digitalization

Unfortunately not everyone is talking the same language when we use that concept. I am referring to the process by which organizations move from the typical analog to digital processes.

What is digital transformation?

New capabilities require businesses to be agile, customer-oriented, well-connected, innovative, efficient, and most importantly aligned with present and future customer needs. Digital transformation is not only a development stage, but a journey having various connected objectives.

importance of digitalization

  • Improve the efficiency of business processes, consistency, and quality worldwide.
  • Integrating a conventional digitized records system.
  • Improve accessibility and facilitate better information exchange worldwide
  • Increase response time and customer service anywhere in the world
  • Reduce costs
  • Ability to take advantage of analytics
  • Help with the flexibility of staff
  • Improvement plan for business continuity

This has been explored in depth elsewhere, but in summary the listed advantages offered by digitization tend to come under the headings of increasing access, preservation, and meeting strategic goals (i.e., raising the profile of the institution running the project, and so on). The first, allowing increased access to the object is the most-often-cited benefit of digitization.importance of digitalization

I do not have an answer, to be honest, apart from the fact that each case should be treated separately. But I would like to raise the need for, at the very least, opening up this debate. When we look at the value of a digitization project

we must not simply compare it with the alternative scenario of not digitizing the item; but instead we must also look to other areas of collection development that may yield better results for our readers. In the foreword to my book, I termed the 1990s the “decade of digitization” and indeed this is true, and in many ways it is a cause for celebration.

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