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Technology can be hurt your loves one

We all like to be updated with latest updates. From morning to night we update each and everything over social media it can be what’s App status, instagram with hash# tag, facebook update. Technology can be hurt.

Technology can be hurt

We used to update our daily with updates, but it can be harm us or love one. Let’s have a look over few important thing which we all might be ignore.

Social Media Updates

We used to share each and everything our facebook, whatsapp, instagram. Now days, it becomes a part of our life but no one thing about it can be harm us.


Technology can be hurt

Let’s start with share our plans over social media. We love to hung out with friend having good time with family, also we share our love moment on their but we never try to notice, we are actually share our complete life with all. Some can we use this information which can be a high pay for us.


Online Dating Apps

In present days, we have lot of app those are providing a platform where we can meet with new people and get chance to know more about them such as tinder, happen, chat-room, and so on. Just go on Google and search for “Top Online dating site” you will find more than 100 site and apps.

Technology can be hurt

These apps fetch your all information, which account you use for login it might be your Gmail account, Facebook account and mobile number as well.

Mobile Number (Social Media)

Our complete life depends upon digital medium from mobile recharge to sale or buy. All sites ask for details mobile number is one of them.

Technology can be hurt

We haven’t noticed but our mobile number linked with our Net banking, social accounts and also a very important part of our personal life. If we are sharing that on entrusted site we should you our alternative number to avoid risk.

Mobile Phone

Mobile phone is a part of our daily life, such kind of second wife or girlfriend J .During traveling, in free time, hangout with friend.

Technology can be hurt

We like to take memories in pictures. But we never realize that we lost our personal life which is more important than save memories. Mobile also affects our health as well. Eyesight issue, hangover and so on. Technology can be hurt.

Technology can be hurt for child

Child, it’s not a word only. It is a part which we all have in our sweet memories. But as we getting technology we are affecting too specially child. Past days child used to play out-door games but now technology introduce us with new platform and online gaming apps which can be more easy to play and child enjoy more.

Technology can be hurt

These thing make your child lazy too which not good for child health such as we have some games those play with child mind like pokemon go, bluebell and else too.

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