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Renault Kwid vs Tata Tiago : Review

Today, we are going to review two classic cars which have created sell record as well in 2017. Yes, Renault Kwid vs Tata Tiago. it is no wonder that the automatic car is finally gaining popularity in India.


The most feature update in automobile market has about gearbox technology, But there is one type of automatic gearbox that has brought the technology to the masses – the automated manual gearbox or AMT. Essentially an AMT gearbox is a manual transmission underneath with an automatic electronic shifter module attached on top.  The Renault Kwid and Tata Tiago both are updated with AMT gearbox technology which helped to create new sales figure for both.

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Tata Tiago offers European chic while the Renault Kwid has MINI SUV look

Let’s start with Exterior design which is most noticed thing while user choosing a car. Where Tata tiago offer an  epic look in European way on other way Renault kwid look that car made for India Specially which represent a sport look and mini SUV too.

Both offer a very distinct design look which success to attract and in our opinion, if we were to score both, they would both be scored identically out of 10. The wide wheel arches that have been squared out and the chequered flag livery on this standard 1-litre version does look quite cool in its own way and so does the upright stance.

The Tiago on the other hand, as we mentioned earlier, looks like a hatchback would conventionally look and does a damn good job at it. On the top versions the Tiago offers standard feature and looks like alloy wheels, something that the Kwid does not. The Tiago also offers a little better road presence as is larger than the Kwid when it comes to length, width and height.

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Interior : Renault Kwid vs Tata Tiago

Moving to the interior, the Kwid and Tiago are again very very close. While the Tiago offers a much better put together interior in terms of plastic quality, fit and finish and overall appeal, the Kwid offers features galore. Where the Tata tiago does not have touch panel information system and navigation system but Kwid does in 2017 with these all latest technology.  If we talk about inner space, both are offering the same. The Tiago does have a slightly more spacious cabin as compared to the Kwid and feels airier.


The gearbox is a 5-speed AMT unit that has been mated to a rather unconventional shifter knob instead of a normal lever between the front seats. The engine isn’t very refined but does offer decent performance while combined with the AMT unit


When you compare prices outright, the Kwid AMT ranges from Rs 3.78-4.49 lakh (ex-showroom) and is available in four variants. The Tiago on the other hand is priced between Rs 4.79-5.39 lakh (ex-showroom) and is available only in two variants

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