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Ransomware is back “Loki-Ransomware”

In  today Fast forward IT World we are completely surrounded by Computer Technologies . Our computers are often attack by Computer program knows as computer virus which slows down our computer and also take our information

Nowadays we all are hearing A common Word Rasomware Virus .lets talk about what is it and what effect this shown on computers in all over the world.


Ransomware is a type of malware that essentially takes over a computer and prevents users from accessing data on it until a ransom is paid, that means your computer will be locked permanently and for again using It you have to pay a specific amount of Money.

How Ransomware Works ?

In most of the cases Ransomware is downloaded in a computer from push ups mails ,so we should aware from downloading doubtful contents from The Internet.

In it’s working it encrypts our computer files and leaves a message on screen that you have to pay for decrypting the files and if you don’t pay than you lost these files permanently . Most of the cases the creator of this virus Changes the wallpaper of the computer and instructs the user how to pay and decrypt the files. Generally for unlocking the computer user have to $300 to $500.

In India their is no any case were found of this attack but in other countries this virus behave like a terror .

How Can we Avoid Ransomware Attack ?

As we already say this Virus is coming from Suspicious Contents , users should not response to malicious emails and links which includes attachments and pop windows . According to some experts there is no Permanent Solution to prevent This so users  also must backup all the important files.

Ransomware effect on India !

In India there is no case of Ransomware Appears , but still we have to be aware and keep our Anti virus and Operating system updated .apart from that we also take backup of our files and Keep distance from Malicious emails and links .

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