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‘Not-OUT 2’ Best short film for a common man

Seven short films in the span of 11 months is in the kitty of ThirdMan motion pictures. ‘Not-OUT 2’ is not the sequel of ‘not-OUT’, ‘Not-OUT 2’ is the journey of a common man who goes through various challenges in his life and how he gets motivated to move forward with confidence and achieve things he deserves.


“We have had shot all our short films in Mumbai, so I wanted to do something different and give a location break to my films. Eventually I was in Delhi for another shoot and met Gaurav. He agreed to work with us and the script of ‘Not-OUT 2’ came in”, says Rohit Aggarwal, director.

“I remember when Rohit narrated the script to me, I told him, yes it is normal script what is so special about it? Then he replied, “people are looking for fresh scripts and concepts here & there, however, the concepts lie in our day to day lives”. I had to agree with his point of view, and yes the film did good, people liked the concept, almost everyone could relate to it”, Vipasha Sood, Creative Producer & Stylist.

“I have known Rohit and his passion for filmmaking for more than a decade. I remember when I watched ‘not-OUT’ and spoke to him about the making of the film, he told me, “yaar paise nahi the camera hire karne k, to phone pe shoot kar li”, and I told myself, ‘this man has guts’ and told myself I want to work with him. 6 months back he wrote a script, things didn’t work out then. So when we met in Delhi in the beginning of April this year and Rohit narrated the script to me, without giving a second thought to it, I immediately said yes to him. I am thankful to him for giving me this opportunity, since I could relate to the character of Gaurav Bhalla. And I wish good luck to ‘ThirdMan motion pictures’ for achieving heights”, says Gaurav Bhalla who played the lead role. Gaurav Bhalla is a media profession with the experience of over 10 years and currently working as Senior Producer in Network 18.
“Rohit is Gaurav’s friend, and I have known Gaurav for a long time, he is my student and a good friend. When Gaurav spoke to me about the idea of doing a short film with Rohit, I said why not give it a chance. Then Rohit spoke to me and narrated the script, I said yes, the script was nice. Earlier Rohit wanted me to cast for the role of father, however, we decided that I will be doing the character of Boss. I really liked how the character of the boss was written, he made villain the hero at the end of film. While I was shooting with them, I was given the celebrity treatment, I never felt that I am working with a start-up. Rohit is a hardworking guy, we can see this in the film also. He knows what exactly he wants from the actor and takes out. I had a very good experience working with ThirdMan motion pictures. I would love to work with them again in future and wish them a good luck for their future projects”, says Nidhikant Pandey who played the character of boss in the film. Nidhikant Pandey has more than 25 years of experience in the media industry, he is Actor, Director & Presenter since 2010 with ‘Three Arts Club’ a theatre group estd. in 1943, also empanelled examiner & guest faculty with IP university since 2003 & with Banasthali Vidyapeeth since 2017 and currently Chief Director, Broadcast at Home Shop 18 (Network 18).


“I’m a theatre artist by hobby, working in a corporate house. Have never thought about performing in front of camera, because of my own presumptions about my face not being photogenic or may be I have fear of getting caught by the sharp eyes of camera being not a good actor. But when suggested by Nidhikant who is my theatre colleague for a small role in a short film project, initiative by his student, I somewhat agreed at that point of time as was having curiosity to get the little idea of film production but was not convinced about performing my act in front of someone’s camera who has just started his career as director and making a short film just to start a fresh with his newbie production team. However, I agreed and got the idea about Rohit within 3 minutes after receiving his call. During that call I was online and checking Rohit’s work which is amazing as the couple of initial work on his channel was shot on mobile which can’t be find out being having perfect editing work by him. Finally, while working with him I found a great sense of responsibility from Rohit’s end towards his actors (team), a keen observation on scene’s secondary artist while taking shot on a scene’s primary artist, instant memory on scene continuity and connectivity, an excellency in explaining the scene and on the above of all, his passion towards his work will surely push him giving directions to A grade artist very soon. All the best to Rohit and Vipasha for their dreams which are going to fulfil very/every next pleasant morning”, says Nand Chopra who played the character of father in the film.

“I am thankful to each and every person who has been part of the ‘Not-OUT 2’, I remember telling Rohit, “we do not have time and script demands a lot of time as there are multiple locations & actors”. Rohit was quite confident and sure about working on the script, and when Nidhikant Pandey gave thumbs up for the role of boss, we were quite confident to the film. Nidhikant Pandey referred Nand Chopra for the cast of father, everything was fine, except we didn’t not have anyone to do the character of Mother, then Sunita ji came in. She is our neighbour and family friend, when we asked her to do the character of mother, she said, “mujhe kuch nahi aata tum karwa lena”. So yes things started falling in place when we started the shoot. So again I am thankful to the whole cast and everyone who supported us behind the cameras”, says Vipasha Sood, Creative Producer & Stylist.

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