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“not-OUT” | ThirdMan motion pictures | YouTube

Life plays its own game. It does not give you a strategy plan or rules to play this game. You have to play and make sure that you win. Most of the time in our lives, we face struggles and hard times, we feel shattered and take our steps backward. We do not realize that while we step backward, it might be the last door of luck or you might just win a Jackpot. ‘not-OUT’ is about our lives, our struggles, our determination, our success. No matter which city you are living in, you face struggle while taking the steps of success. Stay focused with what you want in life and you will succeed. This film tells the story of every successful man in this world, who was determined to reach his goals to achieve what he wants.

ThirdMan motion pictures’ was launched in June 2017 by Vipasha Sood (Aggarwal), founder and Rohit Aggarwal, director. “We were planning to start our own channel since long, however, our every discussion would end up with the idea of funds. Rohit had a lot of concepts which we could shoot, but we did not have funds. This year in May, we decided to start with what we have, let’s start at least, we told each other”, told Vipasha Sood (Aggarwal), founder

“Our first short film ‘World Without Water’ was shot in 2016, but we could not decide on how can we take it forward, and in May this year as Vipasha told we decided to put it up on YouTube. We had nothing to lose in this. I shot ‘World Without Water’ on phone, I told this concept to Asif, the actor, he immediately agreed for doing it, I told him that, it’s a no pay job, he still agreed. So for now we are determined towards our goal, like our 2nd short-film says, ‘not-OUT’.” Rohit Aggarwal, director

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