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In Camera market lunched new & best futures Camera APPLICATIONS!!!

Cameras on smartphones are a much bigger deal for every single person  then they used to be. Companies are chomping at the bit to make their cameras more reliable with good quality’s , work better in low dim light, and add features that people want. Many will base their purchase decisions on the strength of the camera. The point is that cameras are important on mobile devices these days. There are excellent apps to help you make the most of it. Here are the best camera apps for Android!

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Camera FV-5

Price: Free/$3.95
Camera FV-5 is one of many camera apps for manual camera fans. It emulates various DSLR features. That includes manual shutter speed for capture picture, ISO, light metering, focus, white balance, and many  more. It also supports JPEG, DNG (RAW), and PNG file formats. There is support for 30 languages as well Its lots of futures in single camera applications . There are a ton of features. However, it does a good job of not feeling bloated. It even has support for volume key usage. You can pick it up for free or go pro for $3.95.

Camera MX

Price: Free / Up to $1.99

Camera MX is one of the oldest and most popular camera apps. MX have a respect in the application market. Developers update the app regularly and that keeps it current. It works best for simple stuff. The app has a variety of shooting modes. You can also use it to shoot photos or videos. There is even a GIF mode to make your own GIFs. The built-in photo editor can do the basics as well. It’s a decent all-in-one solution.

Camera Zoom FX

Price: Free / $3.49

Camera Zoom FX is another one of the older camera apps that aged well. It’s a good mix of simple funniest and serious. You’ll get manual controls for things like ISO, shutter speed, exposure, and many more good new features. There are also filters, HDR mode, various photo modes, and more. There are also a few plugins that add even more features. It’s not as mains tream as Camera MX. However, it does have more features than most manual camera apps. You can try it for free before paying $3.49 for the try.

Candy Camera

Price: Free

Candy Camera is one of the most use full Camera applications Candy camera is part of a new wave of camera apps. This one is specifically for selfies. It has a bunch of filters. It also includes makeup tools, stickers, and additional stuff many more features for capture your selfie perfect  . There is also a collage mode. The UI is a little hard to use at first. It gets easier the more you use it. It’s not something a serious photographer would want to use. It’s more for things like Instagram photos or Facebook social media stuff. The app is completely free to download.


Price:Free / Up to $3.49

Cymera is another one of the older and popular camera apps. It focuses more on mainstream features. That means you’ll get a bunch of filters, stickers, special effects, Burl effect and similar features. It also has a beauty camera mode. It can add or take away features from your face and body. We’re not big fans of such dramatic alterations,. It also includes a photo editor for minor edits. It’s free to download. You can buy additional stuff as in-app purchases.

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