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Good Night | Suspense Thriller | ThirdMan motion pictures | Short film

After ‘World Without Water’ and ‘not-OUT’, ThirdMan motion pictures have come up with a suspense thriller ‘Good Night’, which is released on 5th August 2017. It is a story of a girl who is new in the city and looking for a house on rent. Finally, she finds a house and starts living there, however, she feels that someone else is in the house. Watch the film to find out if there in the house other than the girl.

“We have no money to spend, however, we have stories. Well, I am blessed to have beautiful people around me, god is there, it’s just we do not understand his signs. I was very nervous on the day of shoot, we started at 12.30 in the noon, there was no spot dada, no makeup artist, no production to control the backend things. I even washed utensils on the day of shoot, rest of the crew was having lunch and next scene was supposed to be shot in our kitchen area, so had to do that. This is an amazing experience I am getting. Our shoot was little delayed also, because the DOP had to do the lighting himself and many more things. It was 1 in the night and I was more nervous that, people are tired now, and we might have to push the shoot for tomorrow. But I am thankful to my team, everyone was energetic even at 3 in the morning and we wrapped up same day, we shot this film in 15 hours”, says Rohit Aggarwal, director.

“I want to thank the whole team for pulling it out so beautiful and standing by us in this shoot. Hopefully, one day we grow as a big team”, says Vipasha Sood Aggarwal, founder & creative producer.

“As a viewer I had watched ‘not-OUT’ directed by Rohit Aggarwal, so I had faith in him. When I got to know that ‘not-OUT’ was shot on mobile phone and that there was no money spent on this shoot I was amazed to see the potential and passion of Rohit Sir. So I had faith in him and wanted to work with him, considering his direction. Secondly, when I heard that the script is suspense thriller, I said Yes, I want to do it, because I personally like watching horror and suspense films. One memory that I will be with me for ever was the team work and treatment. The team is amazing, everyone was so energetic and so dedicated towards their job as if it is their own baby, no one said even for once that I will not do this, it is not my job. Anyone can work for money, however, I have not seen any team who is so passionate”, says Piya Choubey.

“The team was amazing, I had faith in Rohit Sir. I had seen his work before, so I thought of why not work with him. The team very much dedicated and passionate about their jobs.”, says Harveer Singh.

“I have edited ‘not-OUT’, so I knew the capability of Rohit Aggarwal, that he will bring out the best in shoot and he did the same. I had good experience on set”, says Surya Kant Verma, Editor.

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  1. The stories of the director and his storytelling keep getting better with each direction.. I have immensely enjoyed the performances, especially of Vipasha Sood in their last, ‘Good Night.’ I admire their creative productions with a critical outlook towards issues that each one of us grapples with… Congratulations and good luck to the upbeat team!

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