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Five reasons to buy and not to buy an iPhone

If you are someone who’s more into controlling every single detail in device, than you shouldn’t probably buy an iPhone. iPhone is designed to be simple to use, and only way of doing it was to lock all the excessive options far away from ordinary users. So, in case you want to use a phone like you use a Windows PC, then don’t.

  1. Too Expensive

Is Apple kidding us? $599 for a freaking phone? Wow…just wow. No phone is worth that much money even if it has a few “gee whiz” and “it’s neat” type features. Why would anybody be foolish enough to pay that much for a cell phone? Are people that addicted to blabbing on the phone that they must pay $600 to do so? Sheesh, get a life people.

buy an iPhone

  1. Tiny Storage

Well just as with the iPod, we can always count on Apple screwing us over with tiny amounts of storage space. The $499 iPhone has 4GB and the $599 has 8GB The vaunted iPhone is supposed to be able to play movies as well as play songs. Well how many movies are you going to be able to store with just 4GB of storage space? And how many songs can you carry? To say nothing of your other data that you might need to tote around with you.

  1. Stylish and Stupid

There’s no doubt about it that the iPhone look “stylish” when you first see it. But isn’t that really the problem with all of Apple’s products? They look pretty but provide very low value for the price? Do you really want to be a loser that overpays for the iPhone just to look cool for a little while.

  1. Two Year Contract and $175 Termination Fee

When you buy an iPhone you better get ready to pay out even more! You’ll have to agree to a 2 year contract, whether you like it or not.

buy an iPhone

  1. I’ll Get to the Apple Store buy an iPhone

You see, I’m out to dissuade as many people as possible from buying an iPhone so that I have less competition on Friday when I go to get mine

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