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Best New Year video- 2018!

Best short film
Best short film HNY 2018

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We have been featuring ‘ThirdMan motion pictures’. videos since they have started. One of the main reason to do that is, there is always a message in their video. Yet again they have come with a new video carrying a beautiful message in it. We are a huge fan of ‘ThirdMan motion pictures’.

“For me cinema is medium of change. When, it comes to film making we should show meaningful things. I look at films, videos, short film with the perspective of a message given to society. As a film maker what is my contribution to society’s enlargement, entertainment is important, however, we should not forget that many people might start thinking the way we are showing content to them”, says Rohit Aggarwal, co-founder & Director at ThirdMan motion pictures.


“I agree with Rohit; my perspective of film making is same. I never want to make videos or films, just for the sake of entertainment or earning money. I always want to make a film or video with a message, even if it is comedy, romance, thriller, suspense or drama. For me, someone who has spared time to watch your film or cinema, should get something in return”, says Vipasha Sood, Founder & Creative Producer at ThirdMan motion pictures.

Q: How did the idea of this film arrived?

A: “Vipasha and I were sitting, a lot of New Year’s videos were circulating via WhatsApp and Facebook. Vipasha told me that I don’t even watch the videos and delete them, why do I need to watch it, what is so special about these videos. Then we decided let’s make a video wishing ‘Happy New Year’ to everyone with a message. We completed the making of this film in 1 day, including the concept, shoot and editing. It was a very quick video.”


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