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Airtel’s mobile network in Delhi-NCR suffered an outage

Airtel’s mobile network in Delhi-NCR suffered an outage, with services remaining unavailable or interrupted for users around Delhi-NCR for roughly Last 2 days. Many Airtel customers posted messages related to non-availability of mobile network on social media platforms since roughly 6pm on Friday. An Airtel representative confirmed the network was experiencing some issues.

We are experiencing a network outage in Delhi NCR. One of our network nodes has been corrupted and we are working to fix it,
The problems was ultimately fixed and services “fully restored”, an Airtel representative said around 10:45pm on Sunday 9th of July 2017.


Airtel is the largest And well know mobile operator in India and it has more then  11.6 million mobile customers in Delhi.

Earlier, an Airtel subscriber said that when he contacted the customer care helpline he was told that there was some technical problem in the network and service would be restored shortly.

Dozens, if not hundreds of other users, took to Twitter to share their own experience of the Airtel outage.

“We are really sorry for the inconvenience and request you to bear with us,” the Airtel representative said earlier.

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